About Us

Chem Spring Ltd.

At Chem Spring Ltd, we specialize in producing and supplying top-notch cleaning chemicals, focusing on our exceptional stain removers. Say goodbye to tough stains that refuse to budge!

Our flagship product, ADHE-STRIP TX20, is a solvent-based adhesive remover formulated with Aliphatic hydrocarbons and Ketones. It's the go-to solution for effectively removing adhesive residues. We are proud to introduce the GREAT MAN ADHESIVE REMOVER - a versatile solution that removes stickers, labels, decal graphics, hot melt glue, and stubborn adhesive residues.

Our Mission

At Chem Spring Ltd, we believe in constantly pushing boundaries and bringing you cutting-edge solutions. Our stain removers are meticulously formulated to deliver outstanding results every time.

Whether you're a professional cleaner or an avid DIY enthusiast, our stain removers are designed to meet your needs. Experience hassle-free cleaning with our user-friendly products.

We take immense pride in being a Nigerian company. By choosing Chem Spring Ltd, you support local businesses while enjoying world-class quality.

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